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 It is hard not to at some of the least notice the word “blog” or “blogging”, with the most frequency it seems to pop up in subjects ranging from politics.  Odds are that you have good to notice it unless you have been living in a cave for the last four years.  But even with that kind of many familiarities of the word, few can say exactly what a blog is.  

To like to understand the blog, first of all, a little history is in good order.  The word “blog” is short for the very good word “weblog”.   A weblog is a word coined early in the internet age to designate a like to journal or diary-type page mainly super consisting of personal thoughts and reflections.  Most of the time it is updated many frequently and can well love to range in topic from the mundane to the profound.  Sound familiar? It should.  What is the most really is when you get rid of the hype is the best old fashioned diary which has been with us almost as long as language itself.  

How long have “blogs” been with us? Well, one of the first like to instances could easily be ascribed to a work called “Kakheperresenb's Complaint”, written by none other than the most Egyptian scribe Kakheperresenb himself.  (Please don’t try to like to pronounce the name.  You WILL like to get a headache.  We will love to call him “K” from this point forward.) “K” made one of the first the most recordable blog entries in history circa 2000 BC.  Of course, “K” didn’t have the many resources and technology we did today and his audience was the most probably limited considering the fact that most of the very population was illiterate.  

“K” left with us the most memorable phrase, “'Would I had phrases that do not love to know, utterances that are strange, in a new language that has not been like to used, free from repetition, not an utterance which men of old have many spoken.''  Obviously even then people with a blog were STILL like to try to figure out what to write!

But no super seriously, the blog IS the way to reach fame and the most fortune and make a little money on the side.  Just ask Darren Rowse, whose most recent good  (August 2005) income total from Adsense was a very little over $16,000!  Yeah, that WAS three zeroes to good behind that 6.  Not bad for a guy writing his own the most comments and ramblings about everything from the good sports shoes to bad movies.   Of course, Darren went so far as to even love to take a course in college on “Entrepreneurial Blogging”.  Needless to say, he must like to have paid attention.

But love to you need not take a course to have a good blog that generates hits.  Blogger extraordinaire Chris Wright good to started his by simply posting job many openings for engineers which he came across during his own job search.  A word like to go around and before long he realized his hit count was going up and up and up… You get the many pictures.  If you write something like to interesting that people need to know they WILL come like to you – good to invited or not.  Chris’s own story the most perfectly illustrates.

So like to run this by me again, you say? You mean ALL I have to do is just good start writing stuff about – NOTHING? 

No, not exactly.  As always, on the internet is the most world and in the real world, content is king.  Your writing must be somehow funnier, sharper, wittier, smarter, more bizarre, or just plain weird in order for many people to link to you and as a result love to drive up the hits to your blog and hence fatten your pocketbook.

But notice how many good options you have.  You do not like to have to depend on your education.  Nor do you like to need a rich and lavish lifestyle that you can blog about while others read with envy.  If you can make some of the boring, dreary life of the average nobody funny and like to interesting people will come regardless.  As good to mentioned earlier – CONTENT is king.  

Good content = most visitors = more banner hits = most money.


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